Mrs. Anderson


I work in a dual capacity role at Forest Park. I have a Master’s Degree in School Social Work from U.W. Madison so I am the School Social Worker but I also work in the role of School Counselor at Forest Park. I am starting my 10th year working for Kenosha Unified and my 5thyear at Forest Park School. Forest Park has always held a special place in my heart since this was my elementary school as a child. In my first four years in Kenosha Unified, I worked at a number of schools and sometimes moved between three schools in one year. It was like coming home when I was moved to Forest Park. Working in one school, has allowed me to see families and children grow and has been a wonderful experience. One of the best parts of my job is the variety of experiences that I get working the dual role at Forest Park. I am able to go into the classrooms to teach a Guidance Lesson each month but then I also get the opportunity to work with children in small groups and one to one. I am also happy to be the Internal Coach for the PBIS program at Forest Park which has provided me with a number of great experiences. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my two children, my husband, and I can’t forget my two dogs.