Mrs. Larkin

While working at Western Publishing Company, I was involved in planning children’s coloring and activity books. After working in the publishing field for several years I decided I wanted to work more directly with children and become a teacher. As a teacher, I try to help children acquire a love for learning. I let them know when they enter my classroom they can succeed. Most of my life, I too have been a student, I have completed an entrepreneurial training and consulting certification. I also have a reading teacher certification, a Master of Science degree in journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications. My husband and I also have our own business teaching the game of chess to students in both the Racine and Milwaukee school districts. My son is also a Bilingual teacher at Rogers Street Academy in Milwaukee. As a child my parents and teachers instilled the importance of education in me. They helped me to develop a love for reading and learning. I’m constantly eager to learn something new. As a parent, I know the expectations, hopes, and dreams I have for my child, and I wish the same for the children that I teach. I try to be a teacher that makes learning fun. A teacher who in the long run makes a difference in a child’s life.